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A small suburb located in the south western suburbs of Sydney. There are currently 21200 people living in Greenacre. It is mostly dominated by Lebanese, Vietnamese, Greeks and Italians.

Greenacre is known for the street shops along Waterloo road, which could be compared to Hollywood Boulevarde. You will find many many many shops owned by ethnic people, there is currently a war being staged between Woolworths and Abu Salims. There are approximately 30 hairdressers (10 just off waterloo road, including Chullora marketplace).

Major tourist attractions in Greenacre are the pools, library, bait shop and lebanese bakery. Only the hottest of hottest people live in this area and about 90% drive the sexiest Euro cars, the others drive fords or holdens. Your entire generation will usually live in the same or next street, and absolutely everything is within walking distance.

The chiks in greenacre like to keep fit and generally like to troll waterloo road after sunset, (good perve), the boys are too busy hanging out at eachothers houses. Punchbowl or Bankstown station would be the closest station to you, and both are within walking distance if u are a tru Greenacian. Also pure greenacians wither attended chullora public school or greenacre publicin their younger years.

You moslty eat at the aseel restaurant and buy ur sweets from the sabbagh after. Greenacre is short of nothing.
You will find mansion like houses built all through greenacre and if its not a mansion, its a small house with huge land that it totally overpriced. No mother fuker can buy in greenacre anymore coz a piece of decent land costs half a mill.. i live in greenacre and i dont know what the fuk im on about but i love my hood. and i am begging bankstown city council to stop erecting fkn apartments, we dont need more people in my hood!! There is not enough parking in greenacre shops to support that or them!
Btw all u wannabies from Mount Lewis, just coz u share the same post code dont mean u get counted as part of greenacre.
ok peace.
Joe: Where u from bro?
Blow: The best place in the world...
Joe: Sh*t u from greenacre man??
Blow: Hell yea, so step back mother f%ker (gets gun out and shoots him then runs over him with his stolen blue wrx, throws Blow in the back seat and blows up the car in the alley way next to Pandora and Tempe street to get rid of evidence)
by cantstopthemusic September 19, 2008
The best damn country in this world and you all know it.
It is also why we have New Zealanders cry themselves to sleep every night. No u will never become known as part of our great nation.
"give me a home among the gum trees, with lots of plum trees, a dog or two and a barbeque, verandah out the back...." what the hell. too much VB. lost the words.I love u australia.
by cantstopthemusic September 19, 2008

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