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A great guy with a MASSIVE COCK.
Person: How big are you? Approximately.
Cain: Like 16-17". At least 16".
Person: Niiice. I've asked you before and you just danced around the question like a ballet pro.
Cain: Well I'm more honest now.
by canopyjeffers June 18, 2011
Usually just referred to as Poulton: A little market village in England just next to Blackpool. Most of its 20,000 inhabitants are elderly or chavs; it's possible that the residents of Blackpool and other towns in the Lancashire region come here to die, while the chavs are the result of overflow from other neighbouring towns. The village's most noticeable features are its Christians, horses and pubs.
Person 1: Hey wanna go to Poulton-le-Fylde?
Person 2: No. I hate horses.
Person 1: Okee.
by canopyjeffers September 04, 2011

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