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A mix of tobacco and marijuana that has been finely chopped up and packed tightly in a bowl.

Mulls usually have a marijuana to tobacco ratio of 2:3 depending on who is the chopper. The tobacco gives the toker the Mull Effect, so there should be a generous amount of tobacco in a mull.
A mull should be snapped for full effect; the smoke is harsh and should NOT be held in the lungs for more than a few seconds.

After a mull, a toker will usualy go into a very vulnerable state and will need to cuddle with a friend, because that just feels dank.
Gabriel: Dude, Michael pack me a fatty mull, you up for cuddling later, man?

Michael: HELL YEAH. Dude, this mull is gonna be intense.

Beau: Yeah, dude. I love marijuana.

Sean: Fer sure, dude.

Yoshi: I believe this mull will be an extrodinary experience for all of us, gentlemen.

Mario: It'sa ME! Maaario!
by cannabliss May 04, 2007
The effect that is felt right after the smoking of a mull.

This effect usually consists of the toker feeling light headed, very high and extremely relaxed. This state leaves the toker vulnerable.

Tokers will usually feel as if their heads are growing larger, colors will be more vibrant, and the high is instant.

WARNING: The high tobacco content makes muscles in the body to relax, please place the bong in a safe place directly after the snapping of a mull, or the bong WILL be broken.
Beau snapped a fat mull which gave him a gnarly mull effect, then he broke into the mall with Michael and turned on all the air conditioners and took all the keys to the bathrooms.
by cannabliss May 04, 2007
We're dirty, we drink beer, we smoke marijuana, we go to shows, we fuck people up in the pit, we like other fucking genres of music, we shred, we smoke mulls and we drive like assholes.

well, atleast my metalhead friends do.

the rest are whatever.
Gabe: *throws up his liver*
Jack: *throws up small intestine*
Michael: Dude, that puke is fucking METAL.

metalheads, fuck yeah.
by cannabliss August 16, 2007

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