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3 definitions by canibus

a baggy white t-shirt, *was* an urban thing and part of the so called gangster uniform since the 80s, stopped being an urban thing when whiteboys caught onto it in 2003-2004, and then completely commercialized by the wack ass 'franchize boyz' who made it even more accessible to wiggers with their even wacker song
white tees were the last street apparel that minorities had left without the whiteboys stealing it trying to fit in, that is dead now, all the people who defined this word before me are white boys from the suburbs, no real person from the streets brags about a white tee, its just worn because its part of the uniform and you can get alot of them for cheap (before they became a fashion and prices went up)
by canibus November 27, 2004
109 104
The inability to store audio and video properly in a digital form.
Fanta has ruined this program.
by Canibus November 28, 2003
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Canibus, an emcee so sick he's got AIDS scared to catch him.
Canibus is the illest alive, not you!
by Canibus February 07, 2004
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