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when you gets a fugged over
ive been schmenged
by Cangh Jui May 15, 2003
Some kind of homosex type who put a deeg in a buttock
What are you...some kind of ass raiding commando
by Cangh Jui May 18, 2003
big a monkey I saw on a tv
kill the zippy chimp
by cangh jui November 05, 2003
Whats foods ends up in
My stomagh is so hurt
by Cangh Jui May 28, 2003
when you a gonns gets a wench
Imgonnagetmee a wench
by cangh jui November 05, 2003
whens something like a shits happens to you
I have been squat n eddied
by Cangh Jui May 15, 2003
guy who thinks about a sex all days
you some kinda horn dog looging at a playboy
by Cangh Jui May 14, 2003
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