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A guy who is loved by many. He comes off as being an athletic all around good guy. When you really get to know an Anthony though, you realize that beneath the good guy exterior, he is actually selfish asshole. Never date an Anthony, for he will break your heart and not think twice about it. It is much better to keep Anthony as a distant friend, for when you become close with one it will only cause trouble.
"Remember when you dated Anthony?"

"Yeah, worst time of my life"
by candykisses01 August 18, 2012
A boy who comes off as sweet & flirtatious but is really just a player in disguise. Don't be fooled by his sweet words or actions, because within a few months, you will mean nothing to him. He is rude & only cares for himself. Probably one of the stupidest human beings you will meet. Never fall for a JJ or you will be depressed for months.
"Remember when you & JJ dated?"
"Worst mistake of my life!"
by candykisses01 August 18, 2012

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