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4 definitions by can0py

A word that should never be uttered in actual conversation by anyone that isn't speaking German at that very moment.
Uh, I was like, Uber cool. And now I am I dumbass!
by can0py June 25, 2007
The act of being Snuphered.

Social suffocation that comes from being ignored or denied.
I just can't get through to Bill. It is so tight, I am starting to experience snuphercation.
by can0py June 25, 2007
Term used to discribe something or someone that is gross and a jerk.
Woah, I will never go to Ohio State University again. The dorms there are so incredibly consway!
by can0py June 25, 2007
Having suffered from being ignored and or deprived of contact.
Last night, that chick wouldn't talk to me. It was like she was wanting me to be snuphered.
by can0py June 25, 2007