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Sounding like the music of Josh Homme (QOTSA, Them Crooked Vultures, etc.). This can involve witty lyrics, pounding rhythms, sharp riffs, and more.
Nate: Hey man, have you heard "Gunman" by Them Crooked Vultures?

Jerome: Yeah dude, the riff is so Homme-esque.

Nate: You're right. Sure is badass.
by Camizzled May 20, 2010
The current multi-instrumentalist of Queens of the Stone Age, Troy Van Leeuwen is a badass musician and has also played with bands such as A Perfect Circle, Sweethead, Enemy, Failure, and more. Troy is known to favor semi-hollow guitars and has his own signature Yamaha (Yamaha SA503 TVL).

Troy is also known among fans for his kickass style, almost always wearing finely tailored suits and looking downright classy. In the words of former QOTSA drummer and Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl: "Chicks dig it, man."
Jeez, Troy Van Leeuwen is an awesome guitarist. He might even be as good as Josh Homme!

I love how all of the guys are in t-shirts and Troy STILL wears a suit. He's unbelievably sexy.
by camizzled August 14, 2010
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