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the word for the conflict and confusion between 'scene' kids and 'emo' kids. as in, a sceno conflict. the controversy wether it is scene or emo, the kid is scene or emo or overall scene vs. emo battles. people get confused often because its fairly easy to mistake a scene for emo since the stlye is very much alike. also could be a person who resemlbes both or is caught in the middle therefore being both scene and emo
"So i was walking back to my house right? and suddenly george comes up to me and is like 'did you hear about kathy?' so i was like 'no what happened' and he told me..
'blah blah yada yada.......etc....'

''it was a total sceno that night!'

or 'did you see the new kid? total sceno."
#scene #kids #emo #scenario #conflict
by camdenchaos September 19, 2007
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