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The sweetest person you will ever meet. His one and only true love begins with the letter a. He will go to the most extreme to make you happy. Camerons are fun, loving, and easy to talk to. Sometimes may be obnixious but has a sweeter, sensitive side he's not afraid to show. Camerons are creative and will say things that will make you laugh like no one else could. When it comes to looks, camerons have the hottest hair and a great body. His lips are the most kissable that you will ever come across. Once you find a cameron make sure you don't let him go because you will never find anyone else like him again. Camerons blow your mind away and become the only thing you can think about. They keep you lauging and always have something to say. They also say everything you want to hear to make you feel special and the luckiest person on earth. Camerons jam to country music and are funny dancers to watch. If you come across a cameron, don't let him go.
I met this really hot incredible man today, his name is Cameron.
by camcamrules February 10, 2010

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