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After having a friendship that has lasted for a long time the friends have a sort of tenure that allows them to say and do things that other people would not be able to, and also exempts them from most consequences.
Paul - "Hey Jeff, why did you let Jasmine say that about you?"
Jeff- "I know she was just kidding and I've known her my whole life; she has friend tenure."
by camarro88 December 26, 2008
Adjective, Adverb

Having tendencies, similarities, or characteristics of people who are Jewish or Jewish stereotypes.
May be applied to people, things, or actions.
I hate this humid weather; it makes my hair all curly and Jew-ish.
He’s Japanese? His last name is Steinberg. That’s a pretty Jew-ish last name for a Japanese guy.
She never spends much money when we go shopping. She shops pretty Jew-ish.
by camarro88 December 15, 2008

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