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The undefeated Legend Killer, Sir Joe Calzaghe(born 23/3/72) is a retired Welsh Boxer. Over the years, Sir Joe amassed a 46-0 record, beating names like Chris Eubank, Bernard Hopkins, Roy Jones Jr, Mikkel Kessler & many more. The Legend Killer is widely recognised as the greatest British boxer of all time, and would be recognised as one of the best the world has ever seen were it not for the fact that those Yanks haters simply don't like the fact that he whooped their boys Nard & Roy.
Calzaghe held the WBO Super Middleweight title for over 10 years, before vacating to move up to the Light Heavyweight Division, where he also enjoyed much success.
Sir Joe announced his retirement on the 5th February 2009, becoming one of the few world champion boxers in history to retire undefeated.
This Joe Calzaghe really is something else, forget about your Bernard Hopkins', forget about your Roy Jones', The Legend Killer has beaten them all and proven that he, without doubt is the best in the world
by calzaghelegendkiller August 29, 2010

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