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4 definitions by cally

The girl is the pretty little dream that hurts the most
spin around me like a dream we played out on this movie screen
by Cally February 29, 2004
drunk. stoned. under the influence. fucked up.

this is calans word, and if you steal it you die.
"im gettin' schwilly"

"lets get schwilly!"

"im schwillied"
by cally November 20, 2003
a term for someone who's stoned.
-rather than, 'have you been smoking'?...
"dude, you take a swim in the red sea or what?"

-rahter than, 'here comes the stoner'..
"here comes the red sea"
by cally November 20, 2003
someone who's stoned.
rather than "here comes the stoner"
you would say "here comes panama red"
by cally November 20, 2003