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Noun, also "madam." Title for a woman who owns a brothel. Often one of the most powerful women in the world, a madame frequently has her phD and speaks multiple languages. She is neither pimp nor prostitute, but a classy and extremely wealthy combination of the two. Pimps and prostitutes work under her. She may sleep with her pimps as she choses, but never in exchange for money (though she pays them to see after her girls), for she is a sexually liberated woman. Her practice is limited in conservative countries like the United States, where such institutions as brothels are illegal.
Sketchy man: So baby, how 'bout we go back to my hotel room?
Madame: Pardonnez-moi?
Sketchy man: How much for an hour?
Madame: Um, are you looking for a job as a pimp or just a little company?
Sketchy man: Well, I was look for a lil' somethin' somethin', know what I mean? What's yo' name?
Madame: You can call me Madame Latch.
by callmemadame February 03, 2005
1. a girl, who, like a groupie, hangs out with a certain group of rock stars. however, unlike a groupie she's "there for the music" and is a true inspiration to rock and roll. she also supposedly refuses to sleep with rock stars and claims that groupies only do so to be near someone famous. penny lane from the movie almost famous is the quintessential bandaid.
2. in metaphorical terms, a girl who hangs out with a certain fraternity. unlike fraternity groupies, whom the brothers tend to loathe, she does not sleep with the brothers, aka, the rock stars. she has been known to, on occasion, give a boy a blow job. she is an inspiration to the brothers, and when she is not around, her presence is missed, for she is quite a precious asset to the boys.
girl 1: my name is polexia aphrodesia, but you can call me polly. so, penny, how's it going?
girl 2: well, i've got my eye on that hot drummer over there. what about you?
girl 1: there's a fratastic guitarist up on the stage that i'd just love to go home with tonight. but i'll behave...as always...
by callmemadame February 12, 2005
Noun, someone who gives a virus or infection (not an STD) to his or her significant other, like the flu or pink eye, requiring a trip to the local CVS.
Chip: Babsy, you definitely don't just have allergies. I think that's an ear infection.
Babsy: How do you know, sweetie?
Chip: 'Cause ya gave it to me, Miss Jitterbug!
by callmemadame February 03, 2005

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