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Something that occurs extremely quickly..
as in "my curry shot through my guts like grain through a goose. Polite version of "like shit through a goose"
by callandanswer December 24, 2007
An item or person suspected of being counterfeit,fake or cheaply made.
As queer (odd) as a threepenny watch.
Also "three dollar bill"
by callandanswer December 24, 2007
Probably ancient childrens playground game,where players run in single file, and all leap frog over one player who has stopped and is bent over. Each player takes their turn at being leapt over.
The kids playing bumbelino all leapt over the crouching boy in the front.
by callandanswer December 24, 2007
Cockney rhyming slang for "shit"
"I ate bad food and got a terrible case of the threepenny bits"
by callandanswer December 24, 2007
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