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an alternative version of the original shocker (two in the pink, one in the stink), in which the thumb is inserted into the woman's vagina, and the four remaining fingers are rammed into her pooper. aptly named the "chinatown shocker", the victim receives four (fingers) for the price of one (intact asshole), but leaves one wondering if the product was truly worth the bargain.
Scott:"Dude I gave Page the chinatown shocker last night"
Jeff: " one in the pink four in the stink?"
Scott: "You know it."
Jeff: "How'd that go over."
Scott: "Let's just say I had her on the edge of her seat."
Jeff: "You disgust me."
by caldrox June 24, 2010
First coined after Brookline High School Headmaster Dr. Weintraub used the term yeasty ad nauseum during his graduation speech for the class of OH NINE. The bronze, leathery-skinned headmaster meant for the term to imply "youthful" but as his presentation was nastier than christy allie's taint, "yeasty" soon became synonymous with something unpleasant or disappointing.
Suzy: "Omg the old lady on the siting next to me on the train just ripped ass."
Rox: "Shit's yeasty."
by caldrox June 24, 2010
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