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A acronym that is extremely overused, and it stands for "laugh out loud".

1. It means, "I really didn't laugh out loud at all, I really typed this because I would feel awkward and judged if I didn't."

2. "I'm really just afraid of what you think of me, so if I type 'lol' then I do not have to worry about you taking anything I say seriously."

3. "I just said something that is potentially embarrassing, I should follow up with an 'lol' just in case."

4. "I am not eloquent enough to think of anything better to say than 'lol'."
1. Person 1: "So then I said, 'That wasn't a gynecologist, that was a pediatrician!'"
Person 2: "lol"

2. Person 1: "I love you..." (Why I am telling you this through text or IM, I do not know.)
Person 2: *no reply*
Person 1: "Um! LOL! HAHA!"

3. Person 1: "I just joined a cult where we slaughter baby rabbits and drink their blood."
Person 2: "!!!"
Person 1: "LOL!"

4. Person 1: "So what are your theories on the space time continuum?"
Person 2: "Uh, lol!"
by caitlanh March 14, 2009

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