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Waterfalls of lolz.

When lolz isn't enough to express how funny something is.

Also used inversely to patronize the seriousness of a situation.
Terry just asked tried to ask that chick out, but turns out she's deaf so she didn't know what he was trying to say. Hahaha.

by caidicus September 20, 2011
When one is unable to come into work on account of being suddenly too ill to work, when in reality they're unable to pull themselves away from minecraft.

Usually, this illness only lasts a single day, though it may be prolonged by large updates or exciting posts from the word of notch.
"Dave called in sick today."
"The flu?"
"Crafting sickness more like."
"Fuck... speaking of which, you made anything new lately?"
"Nope, too much wife aggro to get anything done in the world"
"Sucks for sure..."
by caidicus September 25, 2011
The act of "helping" your bro in a sandbox game, by tagging along unwanted and generally annoying the other person by nudging them, standing in their way, walking in front of them, and taking all the resources that your bro would have found had you not been there.

Most often tied to games like Minecraft, Terraria, or any other open world, resource driven game.
"Look I found a whole bunch of diamonds!"

"Dude, fuck off, you're totally bro griefing me"

by caidicus September 25, 2011
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