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Sexual partner (male or female) with whom there is no danger of attachment, commitment or other complications. See also fuck buddy, friendship, slamp, slampiece.
Hey, I'm not serious about that chick, we're just fuckbuddies, dude.
by caffeinatrix November 08, 2002
More suggestive, and therefore far more amusing, variation of politically correct, gender-neutered pansexual labels such as S.O. to refer to a sexual partner or boy/girlfriend. See also slamp, piece.
Sorry I haven't come in to work for the past month, i've been busy shagging my new slampiece full-time and couldn't walk straight.
by caffeinatrix November 08, 2002
Purely recreational sex, used for entertainment purposes only. Not bad, if you can find it. See also sport fucking, fuckbuddy, friends with benefits, quantum dating.
I'm totally ripped from all the sport sex i've been having with my fuck buddy. It's better than a gym membership!
by caffeinatrix November 08, 2002
Abbreviation of slampiece. Mildly derogatory play on the Used to refer to a sexual partner or S.O. without indicating gender or sexual preference. Can be used as a term of endearment.
I want to buy some more butt plugs for my slamp.
by caffeinatrix November 08, 2002
1. Goddess of the stimulant caffeine - A fine and powerful embodiment of the wonders of cheap, legal uppers.

2. Kamio Chambless, the caffeinatrix, kaffeina. Self-styled as a photographer, painter, oldschool geek and part time gothic spaz. milkycat.com, yo.
Caffeina will grant you the power to stay up past your bedtime painting as long as you don't abuse her.
by caffeinatrix February 01, 2004
1. Smiling mascot of the milkycat posse, conspiratorial incitor of mayhem and counter-counter-revolution.

2. Slick, branded identity of Milkycat Heavy Industries.
Hey isn't it peculiar how similar the design of milkycat.com is to Fujiya Milky candy mascots Peko and Poko? Wait, I get it. It's a remix! How pomo.
by caffeinatrix February 01, 2004

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