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The improper way of typing out the phrase You're welcome.

Often used by people who never learned how to spell, or who lack Grammar teachers that give a damn.
Your = Possesion; This is your salami.
You're = You are; Are you sure you're gonna do that?

guy: "Thanks alot."
guy 2: "Your welcome."
guy: "Wow. You're an idiot."
#your #welcome #you're #you #me
by cadon June 30, 2009
An acronymn for FUCKING USE GOOGLE, used when people on the god damn internet would rather ask a group of people what something is than look it up for themselves.

Usually followed by FFS.
Guy: Hurp durp, what day is St. Patrick's Day?
#google #idiot #internet #smart person #self sufficiency
by cadon March 13, 2010
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