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2 definitions by cadillac lounge

Extreme self consciousness in one’s appearance, resulting in the fear of rejection of a lap dance by a stripper, even if said person has a wad of cash in hand. Usually results in the urge to fight other patrons, rather than to enjoy the scenery.
I think I suffer from stripperphobia, these strippers won't dance for me, but they'll dance for Ben, he's got a sweet ass. Let's fight someone!
by Cadillac Lounge January 30, 2009
A GUY who finds no shame in exploiting his financial situation to receive maximum benefit from co-workers and hard working businesses. This individual also blatantly steals from hard working business but always finds a self justified reason that makes it okay.
Dude, are you seriously taking a doggy bag from a chinese buffet? Didn't you eat enough?

What? I paid to eat all I can.

You're such a cheap ass GUY.
by cadillac lounge August 16, 2011