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What you call a long sleeved shirt or pullover when you tie it around the waist such to hide the bottocks, cameltoe, etc.
Damn, girl, you need an ass cape 'foe ur ass raped.
#booty mask #buttmuffcover #caped crusader #dracula #salvador dali #ass veil
by caddy wampus February 22, 2011
going down on a woman while riding in the eerie quiet of a mountainside cable car, known in the Italian as funiculare
Her ass was all over the seat, while I performed funiculingus on her from the floor of the sky tram. I heard the view was excellent, but I doubt this was the source of the gasping squeals.
#fun-in-le-car #alpine #sashimi #cunnilingus #suck face
by caddy wampus September 19, 2010
aka head bump, when you and another touch foreheads, as do American football players (helmeted, usually) and Tibetan lamas (ceremonially)
Don't just hug me, give me a third eye hi-5..!
#3rd eye #high five #high 5 #hi 5 #tibet #tibetan
by caddy wampus April 05, 2011
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