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Belt Bustin' Justin
This fat ass native who is too fat to put on a belt
Can't drink withouth getting pissed off about something
Can;t smoke without getting pissed off about something
Can't be sober without getting pissed off about something
Pulls knives on little girls if they call him BBJ
Owns U2's new album
Likes Pennywise
Thinks he's hardcore.
Thinks he's cool
Thinks hes punk
Thinks he's thin
Tells lies to try to make him sound cool "I ollied 9 decks buddy!"
Is a pervert
"Birthday Sex is good" Arielle:"No it's not BBJ"
Takes pictures of himself with makeup on, and licking knives
Went to fat camp, and denies it, wait no, it was pioneer camp
Evryone has something to say about him, example justin is a stupid fucker
Hits on goths
Likes it rough when having sex, IF the girl knows what she's doing
kicks people out of his shed
Justin (BBJ) was so fat the he fell off his skateboard and broke his belt, twice.
by cadaver, November 30, 2005
Belt-Bustin' Justin
Fat dipshit who constantly breaks belts.
He goes to fat camp, also know as "pioneer camp"
He spends his free time eating out Blakes mom.
He also volunteers for different charities, like "Lets Fuck War Amps Day BUDDY!"
If you attempt to call his BBJ, he may pull out a 'shank' on you. And threaten to curbstomp you and beat you with a bat, even though you know he's just a joke.
He'll offer you birthday sex.
He can't smoke without getting pissed off at you.
He can;t drink without getting pissed off at you.
He can'tbe sober without getting pissed off at you.
He hits on little girls and goths.
He'll kick you out of your shed, even though you were planning on leaving because you can't stand his stupidity.
Memorable quotes:
"hey, you know what's good? Birthday Sex"
Innocent creeeped out respondent: "no, it's not BBJ"
"I triple heel-flipped 9 decks buddy!"
"I didn't do shit with that girl buddy!"
(Upon being asked about him fucking Artemis, the goth girl, nightly)
"I like SOAD,and have U2's new album"
"He's just angry 'cause i turned andrew punk!Buddy"
"FUCK YOU! I love 'em!"(Random person said to him, Dude, Dead Kennedy's aren't even that good)
"I can't even sleep in the same bed with him anymore"
"ME and patrick are so close he was in the shower while i was trimming my pubes"
"That song is about the american prison system!" A Song by System of a down, where they say, 'They are trying to build a prison'
What an idiot.
He's so fucking fat.
And has slanted eyes.
Wears sueded sneakers.
Thinks he's punkrock.
Is fat.
BBJ was trying to skateboard, and fell over, and broke his belt.
He also broke his belt while playiong hackysack.
And broke a stool, 'cause he's so fat.
"(insert random stupid incident performed by justin here), yeah he's a fucking idiot"
by cadaver, December 01, 2005

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