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while getting a swirly and being anal butt fucked bent over a urinal drinking the water for nurishment and eating the scent thing as a mint
Dude I saw you in the school bathroom the other day what were you doin.
I was pullin a vini on this guy with a monster cock
by cadavamasta April 24, 2009
while in the process of butt fucking the mess out of a mexican corner whore yelling the finisher at the top of you lungs and penetrating so far into her rectom that she brakes from her base and falls to the ground and breaks your dick off inside her.
Dude what happened to your dick...
Fuck man I pulled the finisher and the girl took my dick and wears it as a necklace now because they wouldn't sew it back on at the hospital.
by cadavamasta May 06, 2009

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