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The act of a Puerto Rican or anyone else who wants to be puerto rican getting an unnecessary amount of obnoxious tattoos. The main goal of this is to come off as hot, respectable, and ghetto to people of the opposite sex. Some puerto rican art shows include black and white stars, last names, cartoon characters (that'll look great when you're 78, eh?), music notes, crucifixes (as if they were religious), rosary beads (EXTREMELY POPULAR) or tramp stamps of sunsets, fruit, or other random shit. The more art collected the more of a sight they are. Collected mainly by papis and occasionally by chongas.
Marilena: Aw dammnnn, did yuu seee allaa Joaqin's tattooos?

Sylvia: Heeelll yess, qirll he got one big Puerto Rican art show goinn oonn.

Marilena: qirrrll hold ma' baby imma go talk to him now!
by caboy July 20, 2010
A highschool in Northern Bergen County, New Jersey, known as Hills, shared by the two towns montvale and woodcliff lake. It is a medium sized high school that is actually in Montvale. Once freshman year comes, there is a lot of tenseness between the Woodcliff Lakers ( japs, bitches, kids sitting on huge trust funds) and Montvalers (generally pretty poor). Theres alot of shit that goes down here from drug busts to blown up drama. By junior year, kids will roll up to school in BMWs and Benzes. Superior to its rival Pascack Valley (PV) at sports, social events, and overall the life. PV kids love to act like their tough shit but really the school is made up of rednecks and fat broads. Hills overall destroys Valley. Amazing high school with kickass parties and chill people.
Chip (PV) - yeah i was at this PV game the other night, all these fine bitches (fat whores) were smoking blunts under the bleachers with me and my boys! it was great!

Jordan (Hills) - Uh gtfo Pascack Hills has amazing chicks and parties that have don't consist of 5 inbred hicks with a keg.

by caboy November 02, 2010
An amazing town in the NY suburbs in Northern New Jersey, Bergen County. Everyone has an amazing house except for the people "across the tracks" who live in dumps. All of us go to camp in the summer upstate and have bitchy but hot friends that live in westchester or long island. Most of us are named Jordan, Brad, Leah, and Tori. We all have BMWs by the time we're 16 and love going to bar mitzvahs on weekends. We all sport our sweatshirts from the latest bar mitzvahs. Bloomingdales and Nordstrom are the ONLY damn places the girls shop. Guys dont give a crap what they look like as like as they get completely wasted at the next upcoming party. Woodcliff Lake is 90% Jewish, 7% Chrisitian and like 3% Asian. We go to Pascack Hills with "Montvalers" who think threyre hot shit because they all live in 2 room shacks next to lumber yards and Dunkin Donuts. Also close to Hillsdale, which is a redneck infested hellhole and River Vale, a semi crappy town home to baseball playing uber guidos where every house looks the same. Many of us live in huge houses on Blueberry Hill near the temple and love to brag about it to camp friends and newbies at school.
Jared: Oh hey Rachel who's this?
Rachel: This is Rusty, he's from Montvale.
Jared: Oh, you must live in that one room apartment above the pizza shop right?
Rusty: Naw, i actually live in a trailer behind the landfill.
Rachel: Yeah, it's not easy to compete with living in 6 bedroom mansion on the Hill with a Jacuzzi on the roof in Woodcliff Lake.
Jared: Hey you guys let's go in my new BMW 3 series to the booze party next to my house on Blueberry.
Rachel: Yea!
by caboy July 20, 2010

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