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Basically, the guy gives the girl a mouthpiece whilst she's subscribing to the monthly rags. She simultaneously gives him head till he shoots his load in her mouth. Once they have an adequate mouthful of eachothers bodily fluids, both participants rear up their heads and enjoy the different sensations that tickles their taste buds in a passionate kiss.
As it was the only way I was ever gonna get head off that frigid bitch I had to grit my teeth, cover my eyes and boldy go where no man has gone before.
by c0za April 08, 2005
Basically "to have the painters in" refers to a woman when she's on the rag. That time of the month when women are better to ignore... for more reasons than one!
God Laura is such a cranky bitch today! She must have the painters in...
by c0za April 08, 2005
Refers to the act of willingly having sex with a woman whilst she's subscribing to the monthly rags.
I had rag sex with my bird last night. One step closer to earning my red wings!
by c0za April 08, 2005
Please see painters
God Laura was such a cranky bitch today - she must have the painters in!
by c0za April 26, 2005
just one of many expressions used to describe a tampon. Originates from the word flange that refers to a less than appealing vagina.
Anyone got a spare flangeeta towel? I got the painters in...
by c0za April 08, 2005
A dirty little slut or female chav who has usually been knocked up at least once and acquired several STI's by the age of 15
She gave 8 different guys head last night - what a skank!
by c0za April 08, 2005

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