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when a ballplayer does not get a single hit and sucks ass and should never play wiff again
dude... i went 0fer today
by c0r0na September 06, 2003
showing overbearing pride for yourself and scorn for others haha
i am averse to haughty as i stared inextricably at the unwholesome, haggard, heinous, adverse, cracne, discoloration of its junta.
by c0r0na October 11, 2003
are you Down With The Blood? are you race? are you cool?
this is a test... all i need is a wooden table, your left nut, and a hammer
by c0r0na September 05, 2003
when a radical moron stays up for 24 hours straight because he is a crazy mofo!!
dan... goodle!! hahahaha
by c0r0na September 05, 2003
the maximum peak moment in an orgasm when you feel like youre gonna explode because it feels so great
behold the power of the excalibur
by c0r0na September 05, 2003

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