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1. The best city in the US.
2. On Sundays, there's no one on the streets due to the Saints home games and when they win, the whole city goes crazy. Same for LSU.
3. People in New Orleans just look for an excuse to have a party and get wasted.
4. Every restaurant has Po'Boys on their menu.
5. We have the best seafood, and your jealous.
6. Our roads make peoples neck hurt.
2. *Excuse for not coming to school*
Mrs. ___,
My child was absent Monday due to the Saints kicking the Packers ass and had to party all night Sunday.

3. Wanna have a party and get wasted for Groundhog day?

4. Wanna go to New China Buffet and get a PoBoy? Sure.

5. Do i really have to explain that one?

6. I dont know what I did last night, my neck hurts so bad. Oh yeah, I drove in downtown New Orleans.

by c00lh0e April 04, 2009

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