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This phrase is ussualy added onto a compliment you extend to your brother/sister/mom/dad, but don't want to make it sound... incesty and akward. Just like the phrase, "No homo". Then no one can accuse you of incest.
That blouse looks nice on you Daniela. No incest.
#no homo #incest #no insest #incesty #hillbilly
by c00lbeans January 30, 2011
When you're at a red light get the person in the passenger seat to roll down their window and ask the driver in the next lane to roll down theirs. Once they do, roll yours back up and stare straight ahead. Try as hard as you can not to laugh.
Erick pulled The Window Game on some lady and she got all mad. She cut us off and started yelling at us at the next light. I couldn't stop laughing.
#the #window #game #the window game #games #prank #funny #car #driver
by c00lbeans May 27, 2011
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