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A person who loves sucking penis to the extent that it's disgusting.
Girl: Omg Have you seen Paris Hilton in that video?

Guy: Oh yeah It was hot, I'd tap that.

Girl: She's such a gizzard gobbler, It gives a bad name for all women.
by c'estunepute! July 22, 2009
The act of taking a massive shit.
Girl1: I hate that douche bag, I want to drop hate on the hood of his car.

Girl2: Yeah dumb ass beemer drivers thinking that they are hot shit, we'll show them hot shit!
by c'estunepute! July 24, 2009
Preteens or younger adolescent girls who dress like whores. Normally the fake orange tan, short shorts that expose their boy like bodies, low cut shirts that are unflattering because they haven't developed breasts yet and wearing more make up than 60 year old women are some of the characteristics of a prosti-tot.
When Jim and Sally went bowling the other day they were rudely interrupted by ghetto wannabes and little prosti-tots.
Jim: Well we now know where our tax money will go to in the next few years.

Sally: I know. Stupid prosti-tots getting knocked up, when will they learn that you have to wrap it before you tap it?
by C'estunepute! August 06, 2010
French phrase when translated into English means "It's/That's a cunt(sometimes bitch)." Generally said as an angry interjection/insult towards someone/ something distasteful.
Example 1.
Person: C'est une pute Abbigail! (talking to a waywardly pet that has defecated on the floor)

Example 2.
Person 1: Look at those prosti-tots over there.
Person 2: yeah I know they have their camel knuckles hanging out of their shorts. C'est une pute.
by C'estunepute! August 06, 2010

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