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A high school in St. Petersburg, Florida. It is the oldest High School in St. Petersburg and has an IB program. The main building was finished in 1898 and the first graduating class was c/o 1901. It was heralded as the finest school building in the South, with a stage like the greatest theaters in the world.

The abundance of retirees in Florida has caused the state budget to focus away from public education, especially in the past fifty years, and the campaign to "Give the Devil his Due" is now underway, raising money for this fine highschool.

It now consists of not only the main building, but the Bell Science Building, the Social Studies and Media Building, the band building, the gymnasium and the cafeteria. Athletic fields are to the west. The main building, the oldest of them all is widely considered the most beautiful from an architectual standpoint. It is of a Spanish style and was designed by William B. Ittner.
My grandfather attended St. Pete. High, My father attended St. Pete. High. I currently attend St. Pete. High and goddangit, my kids will too.

__Alma Mater__
Ol' St. Pete. High,
How proudly we honor and praise you,
Time will not change you,
Your spirit will never die!
We're here to boost you,
In classroom and gridiron and field too!
You are to us our own,
Our wonderful St. Pete. High!
by c/o 2006 December 23, 2005

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