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1 definition by burnzzzzzz

1. State of disappearing during work and making personal calls during work. 2. The state of not knowing when to stop eating. 3. The art of texting during work and avoiding phone calls while logged into a call center queue. 4. The inability to drive after 1 beer resulting in the totaling of one or more vehicles. 5. The denial of age resulting in thrown out backs from sporting incidents.
"That fool pulled a jdub on us..."

"Hey man, I did a jdub last night and now I'm constipated... stomach's loaded".

"Why you gotta jdub out like that for?"

"Man he was out on the phone on a personal call for 2 hours during work so we all had to cover for him.""Yeah dude, he just pulled a jdub."

"Man... he jdubbed his car last night after the work party."

"No wonder why that fool's on the bench, he's a jdub. He can't hang with us youngin's"
by burnzzzzzz April 21, 2010