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An unreasonable fit of anger. A hissy fit.
She's been in a snit ever since Emmit grabbed Sally's ass instead of hers.
by bungadiri April 16, 2006
A white guy/girl with dreadlocks.
Sally's plans for world domination were thwarted when the WASPafarian next to her at the lunch counter flicked his hair and accidentally splashed some of her tofu miso soup all over her laptop.
by bungadiri April 18, 2006
Unreasonably angry, typically over a trivial incident; to be in the throes of a conniption. Similar to "in a snit" or "ticked off" but with less gravitas (than the latter, especially).
Can you believe it? Dude got all connipted because I said I thought the The Matrix was overrated.
by bungadiri April 16, 2006

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