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A guy/girl who likes the aroma of pussy
Man that nigga is one crazy ass pussy sniffer
by bulldog07 April 29, 2006
When a guy whips out his cock out of a girls pussy and wipes it on her bare white ass
Girl 1:Hey Sally, how was the sex last night with tommy?
Girl2: It was great until he whipped it out and gave a huge skid-mark!
by bulldog07 May 17, 2006
When a guy pulls his cock out of a bitch's twat and wipes the poo on her ass cheeks.
Girl 1: How was the sex last night with tommy?
Girl 2: It was really great until he pulled it out and gave me a smelly skid-mark.
by bulldog07 May 15, 2006
tickling of the tits
Yo that nigga is a one bad ass tit tickler.
by bulldog07 May 12, 2006
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