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Phrase used by George W. Bush to refer to Michael Brown, then head of FEMA, during the response to Katrina. And the mocking was rightfuly deserved, as Brown was more or less inactive during the crisis, possibly delaying the establishment of refugee camps outside the city. The Mayor and the Governor fucked up completely, but Brown and Bush did as well. It is completely improper to try and protect them from blame and focus only on local and state officials.
The fact of the matter is that Mike "heck of a job" Brown fucked up the FEMA response. He did nothing to help the people of New Orleans for several days (and that is not because the evacuation is still going), and only after the National Guard finally arrived was anything done.
by bughunter May 27, 2006
Onomatopoeic term for the sound made by a teleporting person, usu. found in illustrated novels
And then - Bamf! - Nightcrawler was gone.
by bughunter May 14, 2003

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