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1 definition by budjiebaby

a veeeery HARD SPORT that requires strength and flexibility. for all of u assholes who say that cheer is not a sport, I'd LOVE to see u try it. seriously go out there in a hot uniform and preform a 3 min routine involving complicated stunts (what idiots call "lifting people up") at LEAST 3 times throughout the whole routine while screaming at the top of ur lungs while sharply pronouncing the words trying to "lift" someone obove ur head or throw them 15-20 ft in the air.....I would PAY to see all u football idiots lift a girl above your head right now....using the proper technique!....it involves doing a dance routine that is to be FLAWLESS, it involves jumping....no not jumping around flailing ur arms around like a bimbo....I mean jumping (toe-touch, pike, hurdlers)....ya most of u retards can't even touch your toes on the ground let alone hiper-extend them and have them together again all in a matter of about 1 second, it involves tumbling....not cartwheels and summersalts....but all the way from stading back handsprings, toe-touch back handspring, to tucks and lay-outs....which I can pretty much garuntee u don't know what all those even are. and try practicing for about 3 hours EVERYDAY falling on your ass and getting punched in the face, and conditioning like NO OTHER....probably even more than most highschool football teams. now all u football/basketball retards that say that all THAT is not a sport....go out and show me all of that while the whole time making retarded facial expressions. now I'd appreciate it if u didn't say another negitive thing about cheerleading until u do all of that.....and finish w/5 1st place trophies. then you can give me a call.
when all u idiots who say that cheerleading is not a sport and that's it's not hard. TRY IT and then speak your mind! thank you!
by budjiebaby July 19, 2006