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A play on the word "brah" (a not-so-polite slang reffering to hippie jamband fans), celebrahty refers to notorious characters in the jamband scene who have become (negatively, positevely, or comedically) semifamous due to photos and/or gossip being spread on jamband message boards such as phantasytour.com and phishhook. Some past celebrahties have been Flutegirl, Hooper Stephan, Kon, Frogger, OTK, and the one, the only, Wook 17.

Celebrahties are the jamband cousins to such internet phenenoms such as Angry Mosh Girl, Star Wars Kid, and Amanda Wenk.
Dude, I totally saw Wook 17 during that sick Tweezer jam at Red Rocks; he's such a celebrahty.

I swear if I ever catch Flutegirl playing flute near me at a show, I'll shove that flute up her ass.
by bubo January 25, 2006
The tuft of hair on your lower back above your crack.

Named after beloved American icon Whitney "Nippy" Houston. She too was "above the crack."
Gurl, did you see Bill bend over during the reward challenge on Survivor tonight? His Nippy Tuft was lush AND luxuriant!
by BuBo February 23, 2012

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