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The Hartman Defense is, in general, when a person simply proclaims they have no knowledge of anything at all, therefore could not be guilty of anything, ever. Defendant simply raises their voice and shouts "I don't know nothin'". It is brilliant in it's simplicity.
Attorney: Where were you on the night of July 22nd, 2013?

Defendant: I plead The Hartman Defense.

Attorney: Please elaborate.

Defendant: I don't know nothin'!

Judge: (pounds gavel) Case dismissed.
by BUBBS January 17, 2014
1) One who travels by airplane often.

2) A person most likely to prematurely leave a gathering.
1) I fly lots, so it's cheaper.

2) Mitch sure fucked off quick, didn't he?
by bubbs August 19, 2005
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