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A male from the Pittsburgh area who went to college at a decent Big East or Big Ten school, thought it was a good idea to move back home after graduating to live with his mother!!! Sits at the local bars and thinks how much better and smarter he is than the other patrons. Openly admits he is more intelligent than the drunks at the bar but has a DUI of his own. Sits in constant judgement of others because he is perfect. Man meets vagina thinking!!!
So, I met this great guy the other day. We have been a date or two!!

Unfortunately he called the other night drunk as shit telling me what a great guy he was and what a piece of shit I am. Then the next morning refused to take my call because he feels that I think to highly of myself. WTF, I met him at a bar and he called me an alcoholic, what a pittsburgh mangina!!!Mangina Monologues!!!!!!
by bubbles9784 February 26, 2009
The average Pittsburgh male in his mid to late twenties who was to cool for college. Thinks that Pittsburgh is the best city in the world and has no problem openly admitting it! Usual characteristics of penguins; ie slender build, and a beaky nose vacant gaze and waddle walk!!
Hey Angel, have you been to Pittsburgh?

Yeah, I have!!

Did you see the Pittsburgh Body?

Yeah, his name was Daniel, he could not stop telling me how rad pittsburgh was! I informed him it was not 1980 and human penguins are not normal in polite society!!!
by bubbles9784 February 26, 2009

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