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A word complimenting two aspects of something, commonly food. The word is broken up from two words, nice and delicious. The compliments of all compliments to chefs.
The food looked as good as it tasted, it was quite nicious
by bubba4327 December 10, 2010
Has to do with the masculinity of a woman either physically or mentally.
Physically- The woman has heavy characteristics like she is taking steroids resulting in hairy chest, deep voice, and muscles bigger than a guy can handle.
mentally- Extreme feminist who makes the man spineless often spotted when the man stays at home and watches the children or takes her last name in marriage.
Guy 1, you finally broke up with that bitch, she had more hair on her chest than u did and made u stay home and watch the kids.

Guy 2, yeah, but i miss her.

Guy 1, Damn your spineless that girl has bigger titesticles than i thought.
by bubba4327 November 19, 2010
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