96 definitions by bubba

-The top of the hill
-Campus of sluts
-Nice, new, clean dorms
-Great place to party on the weekends.
dude, lets go to bubba's and beat some bison ass
by BUBBA July 14, 2003
it is how you say 'asshole' in bosnian
you are a chupac!
by bubba March 06, 2004
Kick Their Butt To The Curb
They screwed him over so bad he KTBTTC
by bubba February 02, 2004
a stupid store that sells manufactured punk ispired clothes and GC stirts which is even worse.
your tax dollars on the clothes you buy at hot topic go to support the war!!!!
by bubba October 02, 2003
masturbation. made in an auto tech shop by horny people.
if I see any hot naked chicks im gonna throw my rod
by BUBBA December 31, 2004
1) Conservative, working class white southener.

2) Prison rapist.
Bubba is a good'ol Dixie guy.

Bubba splipped it into Jim as he bent down to grab the soap.
by bubba November 13, 2003
a cheat or liar; fake
Bitch, yo fake ass aint nuthin but a juggabuck
by Bubba November 05, 2003

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