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5 definitions by btrain

German for vagina, stupid pet's name, too.
Her muschi was straight shaved so I sliped my tubestick right into it
by Btrain February 23, 2004
basically German for whore.
But also a very nice term for a hot biaaatch waiting to get one up the hershey highway
Ey alter, hast du die geile Nutte da gesehen? Der werd ich gleich den braunen Salon ausschlecken!
by Btrain February 23, 2004
German word for Hershey highway
Ich stecke meinen großen Luemmel in deine Arschfotze!
by btrain March 08, 2005
German word for pedro. Very common in German Commercials (Magst Du deinen Pimmel groß?) and in German art shows (Pimmelata in Berlin, 2004)
Mein Pimmel ist hart wie ein Stein und ich schiebe ihn in deine enge Muschi
by Btrain February 23, 2004
faggot ass euro trash, worn by fudgepackers and SJP wannabes.
That ugly bitch has her tits to her knees, but try to impress a stud with her D&G skirt. What a swanky crackwhore!
by btrain August 05, 2004