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1 definition by btan87

A person named after the villain of the little mermaid.

Usually they are from Winnipeg. Typically they resemble the porn star Asia Carrera, aspire to be dental hygenist, exercise by playing wii tennis, are professional rice eater, sleep a lot, like to watch weird movies, go crazy when drunk and are mad Justin Bieber fans.
"Wow you were going crazy at the club! You went all Ursula and tried to fight the bouncer!"

"Can you stop inspecting my teeth like an Ursula"

"Sure the Justin Bieber song `Baby` is great, doesn't mean you need to play it all the time like an Ursula"

"Even though you are Ursula, cuz you are such a rice fiend, I still like you as a friend"
by btan87 February 05, 2010