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a nubasaur in gaming is somebody who fakes they are a nub but are really lite instead. Often, they mask their old names to fool others into a false sense of liteness, but in the end, the nubasaur gets the last laugh when the opponent is least expecting to be owned. Nubasaurs often change their names to avoid admins switching them to auto-balance or just in general, to avoid people suspecting them of hacking since they are only sneaky for a short period of time before people whine and complain and the alleged nub is thus, no longer a nubasaur but a 1337esaurus rex instead.
Wow, I thought he was a nub but that nubasaur pwned me!!!
by bstm300 June 05, 2009
Democratic senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin was quoted as saying, "At this point, perhaps we should all accept that the best definition of a judicial activist is a judge who decides a case in a way you don’t like."

Feingold's remarks come in response to the wave of Republican accusations that Judge Sonya Sotomayor, who is appearing before Supreme Court Confirmation hearings as I write this, is impartial and allows subjectivity to be brought into the court room, due to her affiliations with political groups and comments she has made in the past.
Johnny: gosh, that woman is such a judicial activist Jamie!

Jamie: yeah, but federal judges from both sides of the political spectrum can attest to her impartiality and fair rulings.

Johnny: yeah, so!
by bstm300 July 14, 2009

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