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Hand in Texas Hold'em, a six-two off-suit, named "The Sweeney". This has a propensity for flopping 2 pair and turning a boat. It's broken pocket aces and pocket kings in the same night.
I'm sitting pretty with pocket aces with that garbage flop... waitasec, there's a Sweeney on the board... I should fold.
by bs February 14, 2005
An attractive THIRTeen year old girl.
BS: Yoo thirts
Thirt #1: Yoooo stud
by BS July 22, 2004
Hand in Texas Hold'em, a 5-3 off suit. It's just so tiny.
I thought I had a field mouse, but it turned out they were suited. Way too powerful a hand for the field mouse.
by bs February 14, 2005
An interjection used to request the forgiveness of another whom you have or soon will inconvenience. (a.k.a. Excuse Me, Pardon Me)
Sally said, "Toot toot Peanut Butter" requesting Sue to step asside as she passed through the narrow hallway.
by BS August 10, 2004
Hand in Texas Hold'em, a jack-four. Derived from:

Q: What's a jack for?
A: A flat tire
I have a really crappy hand that I shouldn't be playing, but it has a clever name. I love flat tires.
by bs February 14, 2005
A name for someone who has no meaning in life but to act gay, get made fun of and search the internet for gay clothing.

Black wannabe.
Dustin Belyeu.
Belyeu is the mac dizzle fo' sho'.
by BS February 28, 2005
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