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a sweet, nice (generally asian) girl who gives awesome hugs and is awesome is general. she the type of girl that is as close to perfect as perfect can get, she may have her flaws, but the pluses overlap the negatives by an infinite amount. a panda girl is smart, funny, super cute, and knows how to have a good time. panda girls are somewhat of an "endangered species" as few of them actually exist. a guy would be one lucky (expletive) to find and start a relationship with a panda girl as it would be a wonderful and fulfilling relationship. the kindness of a panda girl is unmatchable and is incomparable to anything that exists on this Earth. a panda girl is a fun-loving girl who gets her work done and is motivated by her man to do the best she can in all aspects of life. every guy should have a panda girl :-)
Dude 1: Hey, did you see that guy with the poofy hair?

Dude 2: Yea, what about him?

Dude 1: He's with a panda girl!

Dude 2: That lucky guy...I wish I had a panda girl...:-(

Dude 1: *sigh* me too...
by brytontiger January 14, 2009
a nice asian girl who is super cute and funny. she is reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllly nice as a person and a friend. does not have chinky eyes. :-)
Dude 1: Hey see that asian girl over there?
Dude 2: Yea
Dude 1: She's a judylam
Dude 2: Yeaaaaaaaaa...i heard she's really nice and stuff.
Dude 1: I want a judylam...:-)
by brytontiger February 10, 2009

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