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when, after a few drinks, one will proceed to become an unhappy drunk, and begin to cry and shed tears about anything remotely bothering them. ex: crying about ex-boyfriend, inability to microwave easymac, spilling a drink on one's shirt
"After I had three natty lights, I started regretting my last drunk hook-up and started crying. My friends had to comfort me because of my beer tears!"
by brunette22 February 16, 2006

a) a small, loud person who directs an steers shells, boats used in crew, or rowing. he or she must be in control.
b) reference to someone who loves the cock
"Wow, that new coxswain is so loud and annoying"

"Without our coxswain, we wouldn't have one the race"

"jeez, that girl has slept with 5 guys this past week. what a coxswain"
by brunette22 February 02, 2005

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