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The 35th and the greatest president ever. If that dickwad didn't shoot him, he would have probably made America 10 times better and made world peace. He was also the only president NOT to be full of shit. He probably stopped another world war by fixing the missile crisis. He was also a World War II Veteran. He saved the lives of himself and another soldier by swimming to an island with the backpack strap of another man clenched between his teeth.
John F. Kennedy is the best president ever.
by brucedamoose June 22, 2010
The coolest man alive. Talented songwriter/guitarist/ukulele player/banjoist/singer. He mainly writes Alternative Rock, and he plays with Modest Mouse, Which consists of him, Eric Judy (basist), Jeremiah Green (Drummer) and someone else who plays the guita. He wrote one of the best albums ever, Good News For the People Who Love Bad News.
His music is probably the best ever next to he Beatles. Oh yeah, and he's a dick.
"I just went to see Isaac Brock play Good News For the People Who Love Bad News! And he took me backstage!"
"Cool, what did he do with you backstage?"
"He slapped me, because I screamed to loud when I saw him...."
by brucedamoose May 12, 2010
The bassist for Modest Mouse, which consists of himself, Isaac Brock (guitarist, songwriter, singer, sometimes he plays the ukulele, banjoist), and Jeremiah Green (drummer).
"I just saw Eric Judy play with Modest Mouse!"
by brucedamoose May 12, 2010

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