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(n.) The fact one gets when they open a Snapple and reading the fact under the lid.
"Did you know that tennis used to be played with bare hands?"

"Like....with the hands of a bear?"

"No....wait....*re-reads*.....yes, with a bear's hands. Huh. How's THAT for a Snapploid?"

"Wow. I'm all about that under-the-lid knowledge!"
by brrt October 10, 2013
Not quite as drunk as being Blackout Drunk. You're still capable of making some form of conscious decisions, but whether or not they're wise is to be determined per individual situation. You also remember about 56% of what occurred while under the spell of the mistress "Rum Punch." Regardless, you still walk around like a moron and tend to exist haphazardly.
Kyle showed up for work grayout drunk yesterday. He was on time, and punched in, but then just disappeared for 45 minutes and we found him having a full on heated argument with a storm drain and a mop bucket.
by brrt March 06, 2015
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