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Where Ganja Clause lives
Santa Clause lives at the north pole, but Ganja Clause lives at 420 Chronic Street
by Brown Bear :) July 22, 2008
Someone who is such a loser, that the term "loser" is no longer sufficient
James does blues and coke all day and somehow gets all the chicks. He is a loser and a half
by Brown Bear :) July 10, 2008
A bag transfer is when one takes their drugs from one bag (weed, beans, blues, whatever it may be) and puts it into another bag for whatever reason.
I gave my bud bag to Tyler for him to bag transfer into a smaller bag due to me only having about 0.2 left.
by Brown Bear :) July 10, 2008
A term used to describe a dangerous pass of a blunt that may end up with the blunt being dropped and weed lost
Scott hazard passed me the blunt over the edge. I told him next time to step away from the balcony when he passes it.
by Brown Bear :) July 22, 2008
That little area in the Southeast corner of Corneria in any Super Smash Bros. game where you just brawl out. Originally used for Melee, but can be used in Brawl or 64 as well.
Yeah, you know what i'm talking about, The Brawl Zone
by Brown Bear :) August 12, 2008
Another name for lightning
The electrocution bolts struck a tree
by Brown Bear :) July 22, 2008
Basically, any bag that contains drugs or drug paraphranelia.
Stoner 1- Dude, did you bring over the bong?
Stoner 2- Yeah, its in the bag of briefcaseness
Stoner 3- Awesome
by Brown Bear :) July 10, 2008

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